Thursday, March 20, 2014

Character Design I

Assignment guidelines- using the reference below, combined with your imagination, and the instructor demos... design a set of 3 characters. ( If your real serious...give me more than one sample.) Each character should be different from each other in terms of shape and size. There needs to be at

-least 1 male, 1 female, 1 child (5-12)-
-the others can be whatever-  pet, elder, teenager..

They could be family, or friends. Think of a theme...that will help. Start with simple construction that you use in gesture sketching. You have 2 weeks.

Please present the final on 11x17 paper. You should have a minimum of 2 pages finished. One page should be a tight rough, or finished clean up of your characters, and page 2 should be rough sketches of expressions, poses of your characters, or orthographic views. For examples of acceptable rough quality, please see the reference below.

You may add color if you like, but it is not required.
Don't be late with this is our final!!

Also please bring your last 11x 17 portfolio collection page from your sketchbook.

You can draw realistically, but I will hold you to the structure and anatomy!
(So if you don't know human anatomy then don't go realistic!!)
Or stylized animation.
( Don't trace a garden gnome!)

-Your THEME choices-

 Mongolian warriors
Mad scientists
Ggnomes ...(ok small hates)

                                                       --Character Design Samples--

Mongolian warriors




 Mad scientists

(small hats is ok)