Monday, September 23, 2013

Loading Dock

Assignment Guidelines- Congratulations you have just been hired at Heavy Iron Studios.
Your first assignment- is to review the concept art provided below and model a loading dock that has characteristics/ items from the conceptual art.
Guidelines- model a large ship inside a science fiction loading dock environment. You may also include any of the GIJOE/COBRA vehicles that you have created on previous assignments.( Please take off any GIJOE/COBRA symbols.) It is your choice on displaying the interaction of the large ship to the environment. It could be landing, have landed, re-fueling, leaving, dropping off cargo, or loading cargo.

Phase 1-Thumbnails- Block in a rough to establish the size and scale relationships. (This is key here and be the difference of a successful assignment!) If you go to large it will become too large of a file and crash during render. Please consider zooming in on a particular area. See the concept art.
Block the environment in first..its easier.

Phase 2- Add your ships, or vehicles in.

Phase 3-Think about light source and direction of light.

Phase 4- Pick the best composition with light

Phase 5- Add detail.

Phase 5 - Paint it in..


Interior Pirate Restaurant

Assignment Guidelines- design a themed interior for a pirate restaurant. This restaurant must have the following elements: minimum of 4 sets of tables, a bar area, main walkway, from entrance, props displayed out around the restaurant, wooden support beams or dock, ceiling lights, path to a bathroom area. Please note that we will be viewing the restaurant from one main angle- the viewing angle that we would be showing a client from the entrance. Avoid elements with heavy geometry. Sketch a top plain view and start designing your ideas. Be creative and have fun.

Interior Laboratory

Assignment Guidelines- Design and model a section of science laboratory that will be used for a lighting study. This laboratory section should have: a bed for experimentation, a work table, chair, hanging light ( or other light sources), scientific devices, beakers, bottles, microscopes, heating device, led displays, computer devices, and any other science related props.

You do not have to model the whole room, but there should be surrounding walls enclosing the location. You must consider a general theme that will help aide in the overall design and connection of props to the environment.

Laboratory Reference

Props Samples

Instructor Samples