Monday, September 23, 2013

Flying Vehicle

Congratulations...they loved your last assignment-  
Hasbro has asked you to design a flying vehicle for thei rGI JOE, and COBRA toy line. This time pick the opposite of choice from last time. So if you designed for COBRA, this time design for Gi JOE.

Your assignment-
Create a new vehicl flyinge for either COBRA, or Gi JOE. 

Assignment guidelines-
1. There needs to be cockpit for two drivers with a canopy.
2.It needs to have wings( because it flies.)
3. There should be some type of missiles, guns, or self defense weaponary.
5. Lights
6. There needs to be a landing pad legs.

Create silhouette thumbnails, and  mini mach models first before entering your final build!

Have fun. Please see the reference below:
Armored vehicle reference
How to start- Silhouette thumbnails, and mini mach models.

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