Monday, September 23, 2013

Loading Dock

Assignment Guidelines- Congratulations you have just been hired at Heavy Iron Studios.
Your first assignment- is to review the concept art provided below and model a loading dock that has characteristics/ items from the conceptual art.
Guidelines- model a large ship inside a science fiction loading dock environment. You may also include any of the GIJOE/COBRA vehicles that you have created on previous assignments.( Please take off any GIJOE/COBRA symbols.) It is your choice on displaying the interaction of the large ship to the environment. It could be landing, have landed, re-fueling, leaving, dropping off cargo, or loading cargo.

Phase 1-Thumbnails- Block in a rough to establish the size and scale relationships. (This is key here and be the difference of a successful assignment!) If you go to large it will become too large of a file and crash during render. Please consider zooming in on a particular area. See the concept art.
Block the environment in first..its easier.

Phase 2- Add your ships, or vehicles in.

Phase 3-Think about light source and direction of light.

Phase 4- Pick the best composition with light

Phase 5- Add detail.

Phase 5 - Paint it in..


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