Monday, September 23, 2013

Station Wagon

You have just been hired to work on new show for Nickelodeon as the key prop designer. You duties will include designing all props (any objects touched by a human/characters hand.) Prop design plays an important significance in the overall design, and creation of any show. It helps to establish a link between the environments, and the characters that have been designed. Having the ability to draw and stylize your ideas will be of major importance. 

Your show takes place inside the 1970- 1980's time period and has been foreseen by the Director as being "somewhat realistic with a stylized cartoony spin."

Assignment guidelines- Create three variations of 1970- 1980's station wagons that will help influence the design of the show.

Step 1- ROUGH THUMBNAILS - Create a series of rough thumbnails demonstrating your idea's, and thinking process. Please exaggerate your shapes, and arrangement of shapes to create the best design possible.

Step 2-ROUGH- Take your favorite roughs, and draw them in a larger, cleaned up size. there should be limited designing happening at this point.

STEP 3- CLEAN UP/PRESENTATION- Your final 3 images will be cleaned up, and presented upon a 11x 17 presentation of your choice. Drawing may still a loose, and semi rough quality to them if that helps to express the gesture of the vehicle.

Have fun!!

Classroom demo...

Here is a previous student work sample-


Favorite 3

Presentation sheet

-Reference for your design process-

Plymouth 1970 Belevedre 4 door

1970 The Dodge Monaco Station Wagon

 1979 Chrysler Le Baron

 1970 Chevy Malibu

1970 Mercury Monterrey Station Wagon

1980 Pontaic Bonneville Safari 

1980 Chrysler Town and Country



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