Monday, September 23, 2013

Toy Design have just been hired at Hasbro as a toy designer within the GI JOE division.
-Some history-  
The Hasbro GI JOE, and COBRA line of toys has been doing extremely well over the past 35 years. THE RISE OF COBRA 2009, was their first feature film released in 2009, expanding their toy division, and marketing outreach. On March 29, 2013, Hasbro will be releasing the follow up movie, GI JOE RETALIATION.

Your assignment-
Create a new vehicle for either COBRA, or Gi JOE. 

Assignment guidelines-
1. This vehicle needs to be new design, something that we have not seen before.
2.It needs to have some kind of tank tread on it. I didn't saw where..use you imagination.
3. There needs to we a hatch
4. There should be turrets of some kind.
5. Lights
6. There needs to be cockpit for at least one driver, with canopy.

Create silhouette thumbnails, and  mini mach models first before entering your final build!

Have fun. Please see the reference below:
Armored vehicle reference
How to start- Silhouette thumbnails, and mini mach models.

Don't do this-
or this

Gi Joe and Cobra reference

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