Monday, September 23, 2013

Robot Mech fun..

Assignment Guidelines- Design and build a MECH robot. This robot can have multiple arms, 2 legs, a head, a core body that an individual could sit within to operate the vehicle, and some type of protective armor.
-Establish a theme for your robot that will help guide you in the design process.( Think about mimicking nature- BUGS, & animals to enhance your design.) Follow these 2 design guidelines below.

1st- Where is your MECHt from?- is your MECH for humans, or aliens. The design of the body parts would reflect the civilization that it is from, and its purpose.
2nd- What is your MECH used for? -is it used for factory work, for clearing mines, under the ocean, mining on mars, for battle- is it air force, infantry, heavy infantry. Considering all these aspects will help your in developing a stronger design.

Please refer to the reference below for anatomy considerations for your MECH. Your MECH should have components that make proper anatomical sense.

For other great reference please visit:

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