Thursday, February 20, 2014

Log Cabin House

Design an old log cabin environment! You must be able to communicate a story to the viewer with your design style and elements inside your environment. "Tell me a story without any characters!"
Find a story that can communicate and start to consider props the will aide in your story telling.
In one quick view we should be able to get a good idea of what is happening. 
-"Shape language is key here!"-
"It is not the assignment that is boring, it is you that is boring!"
"An imagination is a terrible thing to waste!"

Brainstorming ideas in class from Phil-
Friendly Old Grandma's House from Sochi, Russia
-X Olympian skier, lumberjack, and sells honey to survive, has an old chicken coup, stone walk way to front door, opening roof escape hatch, and large wooden Indian themed totem pole.

Evil Ice Skater Villain
-He lives right next to a pond, has a shack for prisoners, and 5 viscous dogs with a attached sled, hunting tools, large knife sharpener. Inside he is really lonely and makes trinkets and sculpture for sale.

7 Dwarf's
-Perhaps their house is surrounded in a very wooded and lush part of a forest with lots of bushes and plants. ( Research what kind of plants might be there depending where the forest might be.) Large window in front of cabin with numerous chimney's, and a large patio with seven chairs around a fire pit. There could also be a large old dinning table that they enjoy lunch at.
-Wooden crafts in the yard for sale for visitors along with stuffed animals for sale!
Even firewood is for sale!

French baker's house
-Viva la France', a bakers stone oven, bread for sale, signage, and a love for food!
Therefore various dishes and food for sale as well. The house is part log cabin and cottage in the side of a green grassy hill elevated up higher above the rest of the environment.

Junkyard log cabin in the Appalachian mountains
Log cabin office in a junkyard, with junk all around. There has to be a front porch and rocking chair if it is in the south! Ask yourself- what do they sell and specialize in? Perhaps old Ford parts & tires? Or old tractor parts ?

Louisiana tree house
That's right an old decrypted abandoned boat/ log cabin tree house in giant Louisiana swamp trees. Perhaps an alligator hunting family, or alligator rescue farm. They also sell hand made wooden trinkets and chocolate dipped frog legs to visitors.Yes, there is a wooden dock that leads to thew house that might be broken n pieces here and there.

Don't do this-

Some reference for you

Consider little details the add to your widows!

Consider using signage in your composition!

Signage is a great way to invite the viewer in and a great tool for staging in the foreground!

Prop reference!! Props are really important to providing story, detail, history, and character to your environment.

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