Saturday, September 8, 2012

Battle Crab

Assignment - Create a alien crab monster that would be used within a gladiator environment. 

Guidelines- The crab should have: a saddle strapped to its body somewhere, a min. of 3 legs on each size equaling six total, and front pinchers for battle. Please see the attached reference to study the anatomy and shapes of a crab. It is highly recommended that you pre plan and sketch out what you are thinking, and consider some form of process on how to build your crab. This pre-thinking will make you more efficient and save you a tremendous amount of time with your design process. (We are not creating the environment.) Please consider applying body armor to your design.  This implies the offensive, and defensive theme of a alien crab that is used inside a gladiator environment. Have fun and be creative. 

Saddle Samples

Armor Samples

Crab Samples

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