Saturday, September 8, 2012

Junkyard Sequence

The Junkyard Sequence Designs 

Description- Old man Jacob runs a junkyard business on the outskirts of the small town of Alma, Arkansas. His junkyard is just outside of town, next to beautiful Arkansas forestry. Jacob loves his junk, loves Arkansas, and loves to weld.  Jacob's porch partner is his elderly cousin -Bobby (known as Bobby "Socks" because he wears white socks pulled straight up his legs with shorts). Both Jacob, and Bobby are accompanied by the "Junkyard" protectors. The Junkyard entrance has a small porch, attached office with large office window, and entry gate with the rest of the junkyard behind the gate. From the inside of the office, Jacob can see everything in the front through the large front window, and there is a door on the other side that leads to the yard. His junkyard protectors could match the southern stereotype " of inbreeding", perhaps all coming from the same family in the forest comprised of different animals that inbreed together over the decades. Or they could be natures own combination that has arisen from junkyard trash, DNA growth, and Jacob's experimentation with his welding equipment?? Have fun, when finished try different styles.

Environments- Exterior Main Shop Entrance , Interior Office, Exterior Junkyard View to Main Office
(Feel free to do any reverse angles as well)

Characters- Old Man Jacob, Bobby socks, Junkyard protectors (could be dogs , forest creatures or anything from your imagination)

Junkyard protectors reference

Old man reference for Jacob, and Bobby Socks

Alma, Arkansas

Interior Junkyard Reference

Environment Reference

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